We have a neeeeew stockist!

Queen of the Track went to Manchester last week, and hung out at Travelling Man comics shop. Their motto is that buying your first comic should be as easy as buying your millionth, and it’s true, the staff are lovely, and there are none of the girl-in-a-comic-shop -death-stares that we’re all unfortunately familiar with. The shop is bright and friendly, and jam packed with amazing stuff. 

We got chatting to Haroon and he agreed to stock QOTT, and we’re super pleased to be supported by such NICE PEOPLE, and not only can you buy QOTT in Manc, but there are also some awesome plans cooking for next International Women’s Day. RAAAAAAAD.

While we were in Manc we also went to the Salford Zine Library: 

We also got tights at the Aflex Palace and hung out with a giant rat. 

and in other news…..

We went to John Moores painting prize short lister Rose Wylie’s talk at the Walker- which was amazing. Love love love her work, and frank and funny talk.

Went to the Between the Borders summer party, heard some incredible musicians, and saw this art work, made of origami cranes and a disco ball

We also went to the BelleVale  park party saw a giant inflatable house by artist Ailie Rutherford

and watched a 100 year old woman cut a ribbon

and that’s it. Although hang out for news of our Halloween spectacular…


This week in media land there’s been quite a bit for us at QOTT to get our teeth into.
For starters we had the #FeministAreUgly hash-tag, with its subsequent feminist ‘that’s not true’ selfie backlash, and our ‘actually, this is besides the point’ hypothesis.

Anyway you can read more about what happened here and make up your own mind on the issue.

Then there was a pretty eye-opening video on Gendered Marketing, where we become aware of marketing trickery and how we’re spending more money for stuff depending on the layout of our nether regions… whuuuut?!


After our zine workshop at Heroine fest last month we’ve found ourselves obsessing over all things collage. In our findings we came across this Fan Grrrl who makes some pretty sweet collage’s, like this ode to a Girl Gang.


Her name is Dani and you can find more of her work right here.

On a last note, I’d like to direct you to a song pretty high on my play list this week. ‘Girls’ by Baltimore based producer Mighty Mark, (AFKA Murder Mark) - from the 'Mighty Ep' («EP LINK) - a showcase to the Bmore Club sound, and here’s a re-mix which is still pretty cool.. 


Between the Borders Summer Party

Here’s a post from Grace Harrison of Between the Borders- there’s an invite to their summer party, and later today we’ll be adding copies of the BB zine to our shop where you can get it for free- paying only the postage it takes to get it to your door. We’ve had to list  the price as £1.00 (as Big Cartel won’t let us list a zero price) but the postage will come up as free. Rest assured the zine is free and the postage is £1.00


Many of us in Between the Borders believe in the political potential of creative practice. For us, self-publishing, articulating your own truth and becoming the media, is a very powerful act.

 Between the Borders have been coming together since 2012 to imagine ways of working towards improving the experiences of asylum seekers and new migrants in Liverpool. We are a group of people with and without citizenship in the UK and hailing from many different places. We meet to learn from one another, exchange and develop ideas, support each other in producing written work and other forms of cultural articulation. We seek to encourage cross-cultural engagement and challenge our own and other peoples preconceptions and misinformation.

In the face of rising nationalism across Europe  and the increase of anti-immigrant rhetoric, we wanted to create a space for another narrative to come through.  It’s a sad reality of most economic downturns, which are; in fact fundamental to the cycle of capitalism- the most powerless and vulnerable become instrumentalised as scapegoats. Whether that’s immigrants, disabled people or those on benefits, they all take the blame for where society’s money is being “wasted”, which is grossly incorrect.

Over the last few months we have been working together and with support from many others, including QOTT, to produce a 40 page riso-print zine. We distributed 2000 free copies all over Liverpool in the week proceeding National refugee week which was the 16th- 23rd June

On the 16th of August, Between the Borders are hosting and all-day summer party (starting at 2pm) to celebrate what we have already done, and to raise a bit of money for the things we hope to do in the future!

We see the party itself as another platform for diverse creative work and will be joined on the day by many brilliant musicians who now reside in Liverpool. Several of the musicians are themselves from refugee and migrant backgrounds; such as the brilliant choir from MAMA (Migrant Artist Mutual Aid https://www.facebook.com/pages/Migrant-Artists-Mutual-Aid/373484552680713)  MAMA will also be preparing some delicious food, which will help them raise funds to continue their amazing work. Music and food is free to everyone that day; this really will be a celebration!

The Liverpool Zine Co-op, which both Queen of the Track and Between the Borders support, will be running a stall throughout the day. Distributing a great selection of local publications and members reprinted favorites.

 Between the Borders: Episode 2, can now be read online: http://issuu.com/betweentheborderszine/docs/between_the_borders_episode__2_2014) and a copy can be delivered to your door with just the cost of postage with the help of QOTT from their on-line shop. 



Our zine mates Heroine organised their own festival as part of the Flux celebrations, and asked QOTT to do a workshop. Those grrls are on fire! QOTT decided to offer a mini-zine workshop:

We love sticking and cutting, and the discussions that take place as people craft their zines. And some beautiful zines were created:

GLITTER, GLUE and DIY love, and Freida the Feminist Cat

We learnt How To Be A Tree And Other Plants (watch out for pesky vegans)

and of course a zine about zines

We also met Chapess IRL and bought extra copies of their very enviable zine

After our own workshop we looked at books from Liverpool’s all female co-op News From Nowhere, and went to an amazing Period Positive talk and craft session with Chella Quint, comedian, researcher and Tedex hero. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kce4VxEgTAM

Chella cuts through any shame about leaking blood through your knickers, and kicks the ass of advertising bullshit, while highlighting re-useable period products, like QOTT favourite the holy MOONCUP . 

AND WHILE ALL THIS WAS GOING ON WHERE WAS LESTRANGE? (one third of the QOTT team) The creepy one was at HyperJapan, and is drafting her write up as we speak, did she get a free wig? eat vegan sushi, and pick up extra Japanese vocab? we’re not sure, but like you we’re waiting to find out…


Sunday Round-Up !

Happy Sunday hyenas ! Are you ready to check out whats been happening in the world this week ?

Often, its difficult to remain optimistic in the face of all the negativity of the week just gone. However, here at QOTT, we don’t want you guys to feel like it’s all doom and gloom. What better way to do this than to talk about the completely hilarious, merciless trolling of Robin Thicke over on twitter this week. King of Sleaze Thicke’s PR team decided it’d be a fantastic idea to set up a Q&A session on the VH1 Twitter page, where users could ask any question they liked using the hashtag #AskThicke. 

The response was as amazing as you’re anticipating it to be. Here are some of our favourites !


Our witches Flis and Hank are checking out the celebrations for the opening weekend of Liverpool 2014 Biennial, over at The Black-E this evening ! Word has it they’re particularly excited for the performance by CHRISTEENE, an artist who infuses rap and vile shamelessness into super stylised music videos and destructive choreography.  

Reports from live shows describe scenes involving butt plugs tied to bouquets of balloons being released into the air from CHRISTEENE’s arse, intimate and bizarre confessionals over tea, backup boys in handmade Panda masks urinating on canvas sacks containing the singer, and a DIY anti-fashion wardrobe styled from the forgotten scraps of society.” Sounds amazing, right ? Keep your eyes peeled for a blog update to commemorate this experience later on this week !

Always ran this awesome ad this week, which quickly went viral across social networking sites. Using the hashtag #LikeAGirl, Always encourages everyone to think about normalised sexist language, and who it really hurts. It’s pretty powerful, check it out.

Speaking of fighting like a girl, who else was beside themselves at the revival of Sailor Moon this weekend with the first new series since 1996, titled Sailor Moon Crystal ?! Kawaii feminist hero for girls of all ages, Serena returns to screens, featuring a completely new opening theme highlighting how this team of justice-defending Sailor Scouts are smashing tropes with the lyrics “We are not helpless girls who need mens protection”. Pretty great for any little girl (or boy) to be watching, right ?  

The Sun once again reared its ugly head this week with it’s so-called “investigation” into partying in Magaluf - aka a giant article that bullies and shames girls exclusively with absolutely no regard for the consequences of publishing them in a national newspaper. This was a particularly horrible feature, even for The Sun, but it did spark these two fantastic articles which are defiantly worth a read : Beware the Stark Warning to Women by Guardian journalist Holly Baxter and Magaluf Girl by everydayvictimblaming.com user seja75

Finally, ever wanted an amazing knitted hat with the words “feminist killjoy” worked into it ? Well then your prayers have been answered. Ravelry store Feminist Fibres currently have a ton of amazing patterns up for sale, so you can knit one of your very own. I’m having trouble choosing between these two, personally.

The Biennial Schedule- don’t be confused!

We love love love the Biennial, and really how could you not? The whole of Liverpool turns into an art party for the weekend, followed by months of artist talks, events and other delights. We’re also ultra eager to see what new director and QOTT hero Sally Tallant has done with the Biennial. So here it is don’t be confused- do go to everything! Have fun people- IT’S HERE!

Press & Professional Previews
Thursday 3 July
10am-6pm Exhibition venues open for Professional Previews
The Old Blind School, FACT, the Bluecoat, Tate Liverpool
10am-6pm Registration open
The Old Blind School, 24 Hardman Street, L1 9AX
11.00am, 12.30pm Dazzle Ship: Tours of the Edmund Gardner
2.30pm Canning Graving Dock, Liverpool Waterfront

Friday 4 July
10am-9pm Exhibition venues open for Professional Previews
The Old Blind School, FACT, the Bluecoat, Tate Liverpool
10am-9pm Registration open
The Old Blind School, 24 Hardman Street, L1 9AX
11.30am-12.30pm The Business of Art: An event hosted by Arts Council England,
BBC and LARC / Mann Island, Liverpool Waterfront
3pm Official Opening Speeches by Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool,
and Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chair of Arts Council England
The Everyman, 5-11 Hope Street, L1 9BH
4pm Group Show Private View
The Old Blind School, 24 Hardman Street, L1 9AX
4.30pm Adrian Henri Exhibition Private View
LJMU’s Exhibition Research Centre, John Lennon School of Art &
Design, Duckinfield Street, L3 5RD
5pm Sharon Lockhart Private View (Young People are especially
FACT, 88 Wood Street, L1 4DQ
6pm John Moores Painting Prize Private View
Walker Art Gallery, William Brown St, Liverpool L3 8EL
6-8pm Not All Documents Are Records Private View
Open Eye Gallery, 19 Mann Island, L3 1BP
7pm James McNeill Whistler Private View
the Bluecoat, School Lane, L1 3BX
9pm Opening Party
Camp and Furnace, 67 Greenland Street
Open to the Public

Saturday 5 July
10am-6pm All venues open to the public
The Old Blind School, FACT, the Bluecoat, Tate Liverpool, Walker
Art Gallery, Open Eye Gallery (10.30am – 5.30pm), LJMU’s
Exhibition Research Centre
10.30am AICA Critics’ Forum
the Bluecoat, School Lane, L1 3BX
12.00pm Margaret MacDonald Talk on James McNeill Whistler
the Bluecoat, School Lane, L1 3BX
1-4pm Artist Talks hosted by Mai Abu ElDahab and Anthony Huberman
Liverpool Medical Institution, 114 Mount Pleasant, L3 5SR
2.30pm Curator Tour of Adrian Henri exhibition with Catherine Marcangeli
LJMU’s Exhibition Research Centre, Duckinfield Street, L3 5RD
7.30pm Symphony No.11: Hillsborough Memorial by Michael Nyman
Liverpool Cathedral, St. James Mount, L1 7AZ
£10 / Tickets available from www.liverpoolphil.com
Sunday 6 July
10am-6pm All venues open to the public
The Old Blind School, FACT, the Bluecoat, Tate Liverpool, Walker
Art Gallery, Open Eye Gallery (10.30am – 5.30pm), LJMU’s
Exhibition Research Centre
11.45am Brunch and Artist Talk
Open Eye Gallery, 19 Mann Island, L3 1BP
£10/£8 cons, booking essential
2.30pm Curator Tour of Adrian Henri exhibition with Catherine Marcangeli
LJMU’s Exhibition Research Centre, Duckinfield Street, L3 5RD
Please check www.biennial.com for advice on accommodation.

Sunday Round-Up !

This week, we heard the news that human rights activist and MAMA member Naome Kakunguwo had been detained at Yarl’s Wood after being issued with removal directions. She was taken away from her family, given no time to make any arrangements or even say goodbye to her grandchildren and daughter, and was set to be flown out of the country just a few days later. Illegally, Naome was denied access to legal representation. 

Naome’s friends at MAMA quickly launched the All Grans Matter campaign (https://www.facebook.com/groups/300930176741724/?fref=ts), encouraging people to take to social media platforms and raise the profile of her case. After a tense 48 hours, we heard the amazing news that Naome’s removal directions had been cancelled and she had been returned safely to her family, where she belongs ! 

We were all overjoyed for the women at MAMA and for Naome herself at hearing this incredible news. 

On Saturday, Flis and I visited MAMA in the International Slavery Museum to join in their banner making workshop, and see their choir perform - which was moving and inspirational, as always ! 

We also had the opportunity to join in the All Grans Matter campaign by being invited to write about our own grandmothers, and remember why the are such important members of our families.

You can join the All Grans Matter page on Facebook, and submit your own photos for the campaign. 

This week was Cephalopod week (http://oceana.org/en/blog/2014/06/photos-happy-cephalopod-week) ! Cephalopods are awesome, sea-dwelling creatures whose family includes squid, octopus and cuttlefish. At QOTT, we love these creepy cuties and all the awesome things they can do - check out this gnarly Mimic Octopus !


Hank sent us this amazing spoken word piece by the amazing Dominique Christina entitled “The Period Poem”, inspired by a display of incredible douchebaggery on Twitter. Check it out. 

We’re loving the work of feminist graffiti artist Starchild Stela this week. You can read this rad interview with her over at jessicapabon.com or even get yourselves some of her stickers from her store

Finally, all claws over at QOTT HQ have been hella fluro this week, we have ALL been loving the magic of neon nail polishes. Slime green is my current personal favourite.

Update: Celebration! All Grans Matter Victory!

Naome Kakungguwo has had her directions for removal cancelled, so she’s coming back, safe where she belongs, straight into the centre of her family and her community.

Thanks you to everyone who helped  by sharing and writing. You can keep up with MAMA through their fb page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Migrant-Artists-Mutual-Aid/373484552680713?fref=ts


This is a message from Migrant Artists Mutual Aid https://www.facebook.com/pages/Migrant-Artists-Mutual-Aid/373484552680713?fref=t

Please read this and then help! There are template letters below the message. Writing an email might seem like a small action. but lots of small actions combined…


This is a message from Migrant Artists Mutual Aid https://www.facebook.com/pages/Migrant-Artists-Mutual-Aid/373484552680713?fref=t 

Please read this and then help! There are template letters below the message. Writing an email might seem like a small action. but lots of small actions combined can create big actions- so please help- by writing, tweeting or phoning or Facebook posting. Please if everyone who follows this blog, shares this post or writes a letter, maybe we can keep a grandma, safe in the centre of her family where she belongs.

You can also go to the MAMA page All Grans Matter https://www.facebook.com/groups/300930176741724/?fref=ts    because all Grannies do matter, get on the page and share your stories about being a grandma having a grandma- or about the lack of a grandma in your life. Lets show the Home Office the importance of families staying together! use the #allgransmatter 

Dear supporters!

Our esteemed member of MAMA and the Vagina Monologues Cast Naome Kakunguwo is being detained in Yarl’s Wood at present, and has been issued with removal directions for Friday, 27th June, at 8pm on flight KQ101 from London Heathrow to Zimbabwe. She is not only a very active, supportive member of our community but also a grandmother who has taken on a crucial care role for her grandchildren and daughter, living in London as British citizens. 

We need your support in contacting the airline and registering your concern for her removal, using the template letter above. Here are all the contact details. 

Kenya Airways Airport Tel (Emergencies only): +44 020 8759 7366 Fax: +44 020 8745 5027


Tel : +44 20 82831800 Fax: +44 020 8283 1880

 CEO Mr Titus Naikuni


You can also like and comment on the facebook page for Kenya Airways.

If you could also support her by contacting the Home Office with pictures and praise of child and grandmother relationships please use the following contact details and the template letter above as a guide. If you could put your own personal touch to it with your own story of grandmother(hood)...

 public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk; mayt@parliament.uk

Home Office Telephone number: 020 7035 4848/0870 606 7766
Fax: 020 7035 4745

Theresa May’s Westminster Office:

Tel: 020 7219 5206

Fax:020 7219 1145


Many thanks! And please contact me if you have any questions!
Anne Connell
Migrant Artists Mutual Aid

Template letter 1 Theresa May

Rt Hon Theresa May MP,

 Re: Naome Kakunguwo HO Ref  k1108941/5

I have been informed that Human Rights campaigner at Migrant Artists Mutual Aid (MaMa) Naome Kakunguwo has been detained and fears her removal on Friday 27th. I would urge you to reconsider her deportation to Zimbabwe.

The consideration of her article 8 rights in the refusal of her asylum claim is that there is a lack of family life with her daughter and grandchildren. She is trying to be the grandmother her culture has taught her to be, and provide essential emotional and practical support to her London-based family. The claim that her refusal is proportionate to national interests is deeply disrespectful, considering the great role grandmothers are accepted to play in family life even in the UK, and the notion of denying someone this important relationship would be seen as completely unacceptable if it were to happen to a British family.

Having lived in the UK for nearly 13 years now, she has not only established her family life but also her private life within her community as an activist, volunteer and practising Christian.

I am particularly shocked that the Home Office made the decision to detain Naome and serve her with her refusal letter at the same time, denying her due process, consultation with her legal representatives. Removing her from her life, especially at such short notice, will have serious implications for her mental health.

 I would urge you to reconsider your judgement, to cancel removal directions and to give Naome the chance to prove that she is entitled to her right to family and private life under Art.8.

 Yours sincerely,




Template letter 2 Kenya Airways

Dear Mr Titus Naikuni,

Mrs Naome Kakunguwo has been issued with removal directions by the Home Office for the 27th June and is to fly on Kenya Airways flight KQ101.

I would like to make you aware that she is going to be flying against her will and that her removal is infringing on her and her grandchildren’s right to a family life, and to her own right to a well established private life, since she has resided in this country for the last 12 years. Her right to appeal against the home office decision to refuse her asylum claim has been thwarted by the fact that she was detained at the same time as being given her refusal and therefore has not had a chance to consult with her legal representatives.

I am worried for her safety on-flight. Would you please alert your on-flight staff to the fact that they are carrying Ms Kakunguwo against their will and that security guards accompanying her may be using force and that medical attention may be needed if this should occur.Carrying a person against her will may also compromise the safety and comfort of the other passengers, and the reputation of Kenya Airways.

I therefore urge you strongly to reconsider playing a part in the forced removal of Ms Kakunguwo. It is a great injustice, and as a customer, I personally would decide against using an airline that is carrying people against their will.

 Yours faithfully,